Pokaalansambel 2020

Singers: Kaur Erik Pääsuke, Johan Kristjan Aimla, Eeva Trei, Elss Raidmets, Iris Nõmmann, Susanna Räim, Reti Ann Niimann

Project Leevikesed is a blended juice made from various Estonian sweet fruits at the beginning of 2019. While at the beginning of the year the components were from both GAG and VHK, with the beginning of the school year the recipe for juice has changed a bit. The components are acquiring higher education at EKA, BFM, and Georg Ots Tallinn Music College. The juice went to the jury of the music days dedicated to Alo Mattiisen - the juice won the Grand Prix title in the competition. Taste description: dark, sweet, delicious. Vocal ensemble The Pocal ensemble was born out of great love for music, humor, and Kristina Bianca Rantala (coach). The acts are performed in the practice classes of Georg Ots Tallinn Music College, but in the spring of 2019, young music athletes were released. The result was positive - at the music days dedicated to Alo Mattiisen, a dignified silver medal was hung around their necks in the mixed ensembles category.


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