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The international youth rhythm music festival Visioon will be held for the twenty-second time this year!

The 2024 festival Visioon is a fresh view of the future of youth rhythm music. The program of the festival is very versatile, various modern music styles are represented and a lot of jazz music is played, which is made especially exciting by the youth's creation and improvisation!
In a year, young people change and develop a lot musically - that's why it's important to observe this learning from the side, and the festival must be organized every year to maintain continuity.
The main goal of the festival is to support Estonian rhythm music education and to introduce young talented jazz musicians and new youth bands. Also, simply to popularize different styles of modern rhythm music, thereby giving young people the opportunity to perform in proper conditions, together with professionals. Young people want to play their favorite songs for the audience!
Together with the young people, their tutors and already widely known soloists also take the stage. Performing on the same stage with professionals is a great motivator for youngsters.
Performing with living role models encourages one to develop further.
The concerts of youth bands will take place on June 1, 2024, as part of the Youth Day of Saue Municipality, on the square of Saue town center, on an open-air stage set up for this purpose.
Extraordinary is the new project prepared on June 1, - It Began with Nature, a dance performance by Russell Adamson (GB - Finland) with the students of the choreography of Tallinn University’s Institute of Baltic Film, Media and Arts - Reti Ann Niimann and Eva Lotta Kliimask, will perform as soloists (supervisor Oksana Tralla), and the show group Vikerkaar (supervisor Häldi Kasak).   
The director of the said project is Russell Adamson, who is a recognized dancer, choreographer in many theaters and lecturer in universities in Finland. His courses and master classes in special styles of ballet and modern dance (lyrical, jazz, show, and hip-hop dance) are appreciated in universities around the world.
The musicians' open-air stage concerts and the dancers' performances are connected through a street dance show. 

On Sunday, June 2, many different youth bands from Estonia and elsewhere will perform at Philly Joe's Club in Vabaduse Väljak 10, in Tallinn.
Musicians from the rhythm music departments of several music schools over Estonia will come on stage. New exciting projects will be realized, and vibrant original creations and classic standards will be heard. Star of the evening is MUBA Big Band with Aarni Häkkinen (Finland), a world-class trombone player.
Especially for Visioon, already professional musicians are also preparing new common projects to inspire such young musicians with their playing together. Making music together is an experience for both rookies and veterans. As is well known, several professionals have taken their first steps and started their musical careers at the Visioon festival. It is a great
pleasure to listen to their performances on big festival stages both in Estonia and in foreign countries around the world!
The festival is organized by the NGO Improviis in cooperation with the rhythm music departments of Saue Music School, Rhythm Music Education Union, and Estonian Music Schools Union.

Come and listen, get to know young people's creations and live rhythm music!
Vision schedule is available at:,

Kristina Liivik,
The main organizer of the international youth rhythm music festival Visioon.


Festival Visioon 2024 kava

1. juunil Sauel, Keskuse pargis
June 1, 2024 Saue Town Central park
(vaata asukohta kaardil)

12.00 – 12.20 RETRO METROO
12.20 – 12.30 TANTSUGRUPP VIKERKAAR – dancegroup
13.00 – 13.05 JJ STREET (tants) - dance
13.05 – 13.35 RMF-COLLECTIVE
13.35 – 13.45 PARTNERAKRO (tants) - dance
13.45 – 14.15 LAMUKO
14.15 – 14. 25 SACHE (tants) - dance
14.25 – 14.45 AFTER EIGHT
15.30 – 16.00  Russell Adamsoni tantsulavastus „It Began With
Nature“ – dance perfomance by Russell Adamson (GB - Finland).
Lavastuses astuvad solistidena ette Tallinna Ülikooli Balti filmi,
meedia ja kunstide instituudi koreograafia õppekava üliõpilased
Reti Ann Niimann ja Eva Lotta Kliimask (juhendaja Oksana Tralla)
ja showgrupp Vikerkaar (juhendaja Häldi Kasak) – Students of the
choreography of Tallinn University’s Institute of Baltic Film, Media
and Arts Reti Ann Niimann and Eva Lotta Kliimask, will perform as
soloists in the production (supervisor Oksana Tralla), the
showgroup Vikerkaar (supervisor Häldi Kasak).
16.00 – 16.25 KABUM
16.35 – 17.00 THE RASPBERRIES (Latvia)
17.10 – 17.30 BLUESKY TRAKKY


2. juunil Tallinnas, Philly Joe´s (FB)
June 2, 2024, Philly Joe’s Tallinn, 10 Vabaduse väljak, Tallinn
(vaata asukohta kaardil)

17.00 – 17.30 RED BAIRON
17.40 – 18.10 THE RASPBERRIES (Latvia)
18.20 – 18.40 EMMA SOFIA KLAOS
18.45 – 19.05 SOFIA ALFJOROVA
19.15 – 19.40 Nõmme Muusikakooli ansamblid – Nõmme Music School
19.50 – 20.05 Viljandi Muusikakooli rütmimuusika ansambel – Viljandi
Music School rhytm band
20.15 – 20. 40 FUNKY FIGHT

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Aarni Häkkinen 1

Eva Lotta Kliimask Reti Ann Niimann 1

Harmoonia Kipub Lugudes olema 1

Red Bairon 1

RMF Collective 1

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Retro Metroo 1

Tallinna Muusikakooli bigband 1 1

Funky Fight 1

Sofia Alfjorova 1

Emma Sofia Klaos 2 1


Nõmme muusikakooli ansamblid 1

MUBA Big Bänd 1


Viljandi muusikakooli rütmimuusika ansambel 1

After Eight 1

Bluesky Trakky 1


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