Sokkiparadiis 2

Eliise Kiisler – vocal
Mattias Donner - vocal
Ats Marek Tender - guitar
Mia Rahel Simm - drums
Gert Matthias Eljas – bass
Stella Liivik - keyboards

Sokiparadiis is a band that started in the rhythm music department of Saue Music School and has been performing for the third year. Our line-up has changed significantly over the last year, but it has not affected our musical excellence in any way. With a duo of singers and fabulous background players, we bring the best-known standards and tasteful solo pieces of the jazz world to our listeners. Our tutor is maestro Toivo Unt, the band leader Ats Marek Tender, and maestros Martin-Eero Kõressaar and Artis Boriss have also made a great contribution to our success.


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