Kitarr- Ats Marek Tender
Laul- Laura Liisa Kümnik
Klaver- Stella Liivik
Basskitarr- Gert Matthias Eljas
Trummid- Janno Tomingas

Sokiparadiis is a youth band made up of exceptional young musicians, which is
starting its third year of operation. We are delighted that after several months we can step up again on Festival Visioon and perform again for our fans. We also kindly sign autographs! Classical jazz standards and timeless tracks can be found in our repertoire. The band's breeding ground is the world-famous Saue Music School and the band's leader Ats Marek Tender and renowned maestros Toivo Unt and Martin- Eero Kõressaar are responsible for the spiritual well-being of the band. The drums are being held in high esteem by the best player in the country, Janno Tomingas. Have a good listening!


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