Nõmme muusikakooli ansamblid 1

In the rhythm music department of Nõmme Music School, two ensembles full of energetic
young people go together every week, they play separately at the festival, but
together they form a mini-big band for one song. In the first ensemble, acousticinstruments,
i.e. string instruments, such as violin, cello, ukulele, and dulcimer are represented.

The second ensemble is a traditional rhythm group with brass instruments, saxophone, and
euphonium/trombone. Several young people from among them have been playing together in
smaller bands for some years and have taken part in jazz workshops and visited several
concerts together. Their repertoire includes music from jazz to pop/rock. At this festival, they
perform music by Antonio Carlos Jobim, James Brown, Henry Mancini, and Beluga.

Mirjam Laas – violin
Deby Schryrer – cello
Emma Õunapuu – ukulele
Taavi Johannes – dulcimer
Kaarel Kaukver - euphonium/trombone
Katarina Saiko – altsax
Oliver Põlder – guitar
Adrian Paemurru - piano
Jürgen Valgemäe – drums


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