Harju County Youth Band is a project orchestra that started in 1997 in the wind instrument camp of conductors, teachers, and students. The orchestra aims to offer young people of different ages the opportunity to play in a wind orchestra, practice, and develop wind traditions in Harju County. Young musicians from local groups and music schools play in the band. The young people are supervised by conductors, teachers: Harry Illak, Sirly Illak-Oluvere, Lauri Metus, Olev Roosa, Kalev Saar and others.

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aeg: 05.september 2020
koht: Saue jaanituleplats

12.00-12.20 Sokiparadiis  
12.30-12.45 Mint Drop  
12.55-13.25 Consistencia 
13.45-14.25 Käina Huvikooli Noortebänd
14.35-15.00 UssiJazz
15.00 Jussi Lehtoneni workshop eraldi telgis
16.00-16.15 HNPO 
16.20- 17.00 Tribute to K-Rose


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