Brita ja Sõbrad

Brita ja sõbradDrums - Kevin Telliskivi
Guitar, vocals - Markus Lehtsalu
Accordion - Mihkel Mäekalle
Synthesizer - Brita-Liis Oruste
Clarinet, vocals - Kaur Erik Pääsuke aka Ptitška
Bass, guitar - Iljo Toming

"Brita ja Sõbrad (Brita and Friends) is a band of Saue Music School's rhythm music department. The group has been playing together for two years although has had a few changes in their membership. The support for getting started was given by the school, but the future is in our own hands...
In our repertoire there are jazz standards as well as funk, fusion pieces and groove. The performance of our vocalists favours the rock classics.
We have been performing a little bit (or a lot): in Saue, at Philly Joe's, at the urban project of Jazzkaar, in Kullamaa, at the concerts in our hometown and at Visioon.
There'll be music, there'll be fun!"

Holger Marjamaa Trio feat. Chad Lefkowitz-Brown

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6-Way Street

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