Jee sus4

JEE SUS4Gethe Maria Eljas - vocals, keyboards
Maria Kristina Eerme - vocals, keyboards
Gertrud Soone - guitar, bass, vocals
Herman-Erik Isop - drums
Brita-Liis Oruste - melodica, bass
Kaur Erik Pääsuke - clarinet, vocals

Jee sus4 is a band where the students of the rhythm music department of Saue Music School make music together. The inspiration for our name was derived from the chord with the same name and we decided to add "jee" to it so that the name would be more unconventional. The band got together in the beginning of last academic year. Although the members of the band have changed a little, we are still good and active. Within two years we've had a lot of performances. The most memorable of them were definitely the urban projects of Jazzkaar this and last year and the concerts in our hometown. This year we will perform at Visioon for the second time and we hope to get a very cool and unforgettable experience. Our supervisor is Iljo Toming.

Holger Marjamaa Trio feat. Chad Lefkowitz-Brown

Marjamaa kvartett 2017

6-Way Street

6 Way Street