Aleksander Paal Ballads Trio

APBT 2017Aleksander Paal saxophones
Jaan-Alari Jaanson guitar
Ara Yaralyan double bass

Ballads Trio is a special project put together by Aleksander Paal featuring guitarist Jaan-Alari
Jaanson and double bassist Ara Yaralyan. Trio's repertoire comprises of rare lyrical pieces that at
some point had influenced Paal's playing and shaped his musical taste.
Aleksander Paal, Jaan-Alari Jaanson ja Ara Yaralyan have played together from around 2008 under many different circumstances. As a result of a long and consistent cooperation the musicians developed mutual understanding regarding how jazz music is supposed to be played – as clearly and intelligibly as possible whilst retaining the authentic quality of the genre by using appropriate melodic, harmonic and rhythmic vocabularies. When playing jazz standarts (and especially ballads) the trio's aim is to sound stylistically pure and simple, listening carefully to what the music needs at the moment.

Holger Marjamaa Trio feat. Chad Lefkowitz-Brown

Marjamaa kvartett 2017

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