Picture 38The XV International Youth Rhythm Music Festival Visioon held on June 1-4, 2017 is a unique rhythm music festival in Estonia. It takes place annually in June in Saue and Tallinn.
The festival is directed at adolescents and young adults to familiarize them with jazz and rhythm music and to develop the music itself. The festival includes two parts supporting each other: the XV festival Visioon and the XX
Days of Creation and Improvisation. The festival Visioon presents young and talented musicians from all over Europe. A major role is played by the jam session where all the participants can show up their skills as well as come up with new ideas and perform with different groups.
Many young excellent musicians have started their career at the festival Visioon, e.g. Holger Marjamaa was recognized as a Young Jazz Talent of the year 2013 by Jazzkaar. The headliner of Visioon 2017 is Holger Marjamaa Trio feat. Chad Lefkowitz-Brown (USA)and Aleksander Paal Ballads Trio.
Every year there are players coming from different countries at the festival. There have been participants from Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Hungary, France, Georgia, Brazil, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland and Estonia.
Various workshops, master classes, concerts and jam sessions take place in cooperation with professional musicians. In 2012-2016 several recognized academicians from different music academies from all over the world have engaged in the Big Band project: Jukkis Uotila (Sibelius Academy), Jens Chappe Jennsen (Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus), Nick Smart (Royal Academy of Music in London).
Developing and popularising the traditions of jazz music is an important part of the project. The main direction in 2017 is young people's creativity and their possibilities to make music together. New ensembles and soloists will be introduced to the audience.Visioon is an ever-changing project. Every year a lot of fresh and interesting material is being presented at the Visioon concerts. The workshops and the concerts are free of
charge for every participant.

The festival Visioon takes place in collaboration with several organizations, music colleges and academies in Estonia and elsewhere: Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Georg Ots Tallinn Music School, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory, the jazz
department of Riga Dome Choir School, Latvian Academy of Music, Manhattan School of Music, Estonian Jazz Union, international jazz festival Jazzkaar, Union of Harju County Municipalities, The Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Public Broadcasting etc.

The entire program of the festival will be brought to you via www.noortejazz.ee and https://www.facebook.com/Noorte-Jazzfestival-Visioon-154888311232001/

Welcome to the concerts!


Holger Marjamaa Trio feat. Chad Lefkowitz-Brown

Marjamaa kvartett 2017

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